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Annual Youth Film Festival: Picture Sources for Filmmakers

How to Use

When you create a video to be shared you have to be careful to use copyright free pictures. That means you can't take anyone's stuff off the Internet, only use pictures that are specially marked as creative commons, or copyright free. This is important - If you use pictures that do not fit these guidelines you will be disqualified.

In the boxes below you will find links to sites where you can get copyright free pictures for your movies.

Your images need to be larger than 640x480!  Anything smaller will give you blurry pictures.

Feel free to use your own images!  Take your own pictures and import them!

Copyright Free Pictures

Use these links to locate copyright free pictures. Be sure to read the instructions with each link (if there are any).

Search in FlickrStorm by clicking "advanced" under the search box and choosing "Photos for Noncommercial Use".



Google Images - When you search in Google Images be sure to click on Search Tools > Usage Rights > Labeled for Noncommercial reuse.


Wikimedia Commons