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Community Computer Training Classes: Home

The guide to technology classes at the library. Brief descriptions of each class, prerequisites, and the calendar.

Welcome to Tech Time!

This is your guide to technology classes, workshops, and tech help offered at the Library. See below for this month's courses.

Introducing TECH TALK! Many technology issues affect the people in our area. Tech Talk will address some of these issues and will make the public more aware. These one hour informative sessions will give you the training you need to stay safe in a technological world. See below for more information.

Curious about our courses? Click on the Computer Training tab above to learn more.

Tech Talk: Fake News

This month's tech talk will focus on the phenomena of fake news. The phrase is tossed around loosely today, but what is "Fake News" really? How can someone spot it and tell the difference between the truth and the scams? This session will shed light on this subject and better prepare readers for the vast ocean of the online world.


Course Evaluation

Please fill out a course evaluation after you have taken the course.