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Great home ideas: Home

a guide to the many resources available online at home.

Free Things to do at Home

Other Fun Tours and Museums

Strange but Fun Tours

Winchester Mystery House

Paris Catacombs

More Museums and Parks

Grammy Museum at Home

12 Famous Museums with Virtual Tours

Hidden Worlds of the National Parks - Virtual Tours of National Parks led by park rangers.

Virtual Field Trip Guide - Links to virtual field trips all over the world.

Other Activities

Stay at Home Online Music Festival - Links to free events and concerts online every day.

Mo Willems Live Stream Doodling - weekly live streams by Mo Willems himself.

Free Subscriptions to Education Companies - a list of all of the companies offering free subscriptions to allow education at home.

Cosmic Kids Yoga - Yoga and relaxation just for the kids.

The following films are available for streaming on most online services. Rental fees, purchasing costs, and streaming options varies. Click for more details.

Scoob! (Releases May 15th)

Trolls: World Tour

The Invisible Man

The Hunt


Sonic the Hedgehog

Birds of Prey

Call of the Wild


Bad Boys for LIfe

The Way Back